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drove the market today. stocks pushing higher to date with all industries rally. materials, technology and industrials for two days top performers. utilities did leg a little bit. the prior week's figure was revised higher by 3,372,000. u.s. construction spending rose to its highest level in almost three years in september. spending rose 0.6%. liz: we have tim mulholland at the cme and brian of wells fargo financials. plus, robert gray ready to break in with earnings. first, let's start with tim. not bad at all. you have to admit it looked pretty healthy and good, especially after october. do you think that this november rally has legs? q it has been a good day following that tax related mutual fund selling that ended yesterday. we got into a good start. china coming of better. adp gains. lower jobless claims. optimism for tomorrow's employment report. it may turn into a rally in november. most importantly, we have the election coming up next week. david: him, stay where you are. we want to bring in brian. it was a surprising three digit gain on the dow and s&p. were you surprised and,
within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas. david: let us go off the desk. now we have the answer who will win incomes week. since election day was standardized, this is serious. there have been a total of six elections held on november 6th. and guess what. republicans have won
more than 4%, first october in four years where we've seen a loss here. technology and telecom leading month's declines. nasdaq jumping double digits this month, closing october up more than 11%. couple things here. prestorm, hints of colder weather, natural gas rose for the second month in a row. gold rose $7, at $1700 an ounce. today's boost was not enough to boost it in the green for the month. got posted a loss, first monthly loss since may. david: well the cme covered with sandy smith, and todd, great to you see both. sandy, we saw a sort of calm market, folks said it would be scattered jumped one way or the other, were wrong. same at the cme? >> yeah, the reaction to the opening -- [inaudible] they were not happy with the lack of volume, lack of volatility in the markets hoping to see more of that. they hope as phone lines come on in new york, customers come back and things return to normal. for the most part, guys, things up today at the cme. there's a lot of commodity gains. dave, the lumber market, a good one, 19-month high, but oil and gasoline prices, both up as we saw refin
-packard. the world's largest technology company is unveiling its new lineup of printers today. hewlett-packard's two new products are designed to reduce costs for its users. the company hoping to get investors excited about the printing business which does continue to suffer. joining me now hp executive vice president of printing and personal systems todd bradley. todd, first a question as it relates to the storm. did you consider holding off on the unveiling because of the hurricane because the focus would be on the printers? >> hey, liz. no we didn't, actually. we certainly paid attention to the storm. paid a lot of attention to our employees and our customers and been very, very focused on their well-being, this is global launch. liz: yeah. >> and we're well down the road and very, very comfortable with the environment that we're going to launch into. liz: we should mention that hewlett-packard ships one million printers a week. that is the number i wanted to get out of there first of all, because people say, oh the printer business is slouching. it may be but you're still doing pretty decent bus
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4